Refund Policy

  1. Gifts to the UOW USA Foundation are not refundable unless the online giving refund special circumstances outlined below apply.
  2. Online Giving Refund Special Circumstances:
    1. These online giving refund special circumstances only apply where a gift has been made to the UOW USA Foundation using the online giving system on the UOW USA Foundation’s official website.
    2. If you notify the UOW USA Foundation promptly but within 2 months of giving a gift via the online giving system that there was a;
      1. Transaction error – you did not intend to gift those funds to the UOW USA Foundation; or
      2. Amount error – the amount of the gift was incorrect,

      then the UOW USA Foundation will promptly provide you with a full refund of that gift to the credit card you used in the gift transaction.

    3. To contact the UOW USA Foundation please call (212) 653-0680.
    4. A refunded gift no longer qualifies for any tax deduction, and you must not use any gift receipt for a refunded gift to seek a tax deduction.
    5. The UOW USA Foundation cannot refund any gift amount for requests that are made later than 2 months after the online giving transaction, regardless of whether the transaction was an error or not, as once the gift funds are received by the UOW USA Foundation, those gift funds will be applied to the UOW USA Foundation’s charitable purposes.