Dr Quentin Hanich

Dr Quentin Hanich from UOW’s Global Challenges Research Program is leading a new project in Sustaining Coastal and Marine Zones, working with the Australian National Centre of Ocean Resource and Security and other international bodies on making sure there is food security in the Pacific region for more than the next decade. Hanich, the convenor of the Fisheries Equity Research Network (FERN), an organization conducting world-leading research into the multi-lateral distribution of conservation limits in trans-boundary fisheries, says international cooperation is essential for research to be funded and continued.

The Pacific Islands project, which is being supported by AusAid and the Australian Centre for Agricultural Research and FERN, is looking at how to make sure the inshore fisheries that are crucial to the rural economies and food supply of Pacific Island countries is not depleted through mismanagement and climate change.

These inshore fisheries not only provide important protein sources to regions but also one of the few cash sources for village and coastal communities.

The project will focus on Kiribati, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu to transform nearshore fisheries governance and build on ANCORS’ multi-disciplinary research and policy expertise.

“It is critical coastal communities can effectively manage and sustainably develop their fisheries in a region where fish provide 40-50 % of animal protein for coastal communities and are a key resource for food security, livelihoods, revenue and development,” he said.

Dr. Hanich will be working in close collaboration with Dr. Neil Andrew, principal scientists with The World Fish Centre, a Canadian non-profit organisation dedicated to the equitable and sustainable use and conservation of aquatic biodiversity.